How to make sure you pass the 加州 real estate exam the first time

Now that you’ve decided to get your 加州 real estate license (and maybe you’ve even chosen a great program like one of Allied’s online self-paced or livestream programs to help you do it), 是时候想办法 准备房地产考试 所以你可以以70%或更高的分数通过考试.

幸运的是, 如果你想知道如何为房地产考试学习, 联合房地产学院拥有丰富的资源.

From some of the best real estate practice exams to real estate test tips, all of 盟军的哪些项目 include extra support so you can pass your real estate exam the first time.

事实上, 在联合英国正版365网址, we’re so confident you’ll pass that if you don’t receive a score of 70% or higher on your first try, 你不用为你的预授权课程材料付费.


所以如果你想知道如何为房地产考试学习, here are a few answers to some of the most common questions new pre-licensing students have when they’re getting started.

1. 如何开始学习房地产?

很好的问题! 当你在学习如何准备房地产考试的时候, you’ll want to start by simply focusing on your real estate exam prep course material. 是的,就这么简单!

The reason is because your course material is specifically designed to reflect the 加州房地产考试问题, so it’s not necessary to overthink the material or look too far outside of what your pre-licensing program provides — especially if you’ve opted for one of Allied’s 加州 Fast Track Premium or Fast Track Premium + Programs that offer extra study materials.

除了使用Allied公司的数字资源 房地产考试记忆卡 和我们的“考试填鸭式”视频, one of the best ways to absorb the material in your pre-licensing program is to take advantage of the included real estate practice exams.

These help you get comfortable with the material you’ll see on the actual exam, and will help you identify any areas where you need some extra practice.

甚至更好的, your practice exams will help you get familiar with exam questions posed in a variety of ways so you’ll start to know the material inside and out. +, seeing the questions with different wording in each practice exam will prepare you for any curve balls you may encounter on the real test.

2. 房地产考试有哪些题目?

At this point you might be wondering, “Is the real estate test hard?”

好消息是, the answer depends on you: if you use the course and study materials you’re given and practice regularly, it should be fairly easy to pass your exam with a score of 70% or higher.

The material you’ll see on the real estate exam ranges from legal questions to working out the math on commissions. 您还需要熟悉房地产术语, which is where Allied’s eBook Dictionary and Digital Exam Flash Cards come in handy.


  • 物业拥有权及土地用途管制及规例
  • 代理和受托责任的法律
  • 物业估价与财务分析
  • 融资
  • 财产转让
  • Practice of Real Estate and Disclosures (includes Specialty Areas)
  • 合同

虽然知道考试包括哪些主题是很有帮助的, keep in mind that reading every word of the exam is just as important as knowing the material. The way questions are phrased on the test can change the context of what they’re asking, so it’s helpful to look out for words like “always” or “never” in all your questions, 或者在答案中选择“全部”或“没有”.

最好的方法是慢慢来, 仔细阅读每个问题和答案, 记住每一个字. You’ll have three hours and fifteen minutes to complete your 150-question exam, which should be plenty of time if you’re an Allied student who has taken full advantage of our study resources.

3. 房地产考试要准备多久?

Besides 135 hours of real estate coursework you’re required to take, the amount of time you’ll want to prepare for the real estate exam is mostly a personal decision.

许多人知道自己是否有能力参加考试, 所以如果你知道你需要额外的时间来学习, it’s okay to wait a little longer between your completed coursework and taking your exam so you can get extra help or spend more time with your provided study materials.

事实上, there’s no deadline on when you must apply for your 加州 real estate exam after you complete your coursework.

然而, 尽管没有正式的最后期限, you may want to establish your own personal deadline for when you’ll apply for the exam and take your test — so you don’t forget any of the material you just learned.

4. 我能参加几次房地产考试?

幸运的是, most Allied students don’t need to worry about this question because they pass their real estate exam on the first try.

But in the event you don’t pass the exam the first time you take it, 加州 allows aspiring licensees to take the test an unlimited number of times for up to two years after their original application date.

The downside is that those who opt to take the exam again will need to pay another $60 to cover the exam fee.

然而, when you consider the opportunities available to licensed 加州 real estate agents, 继续尝试,直到你通过!

英国正版365网址 Real Estate School Offers the Best Way to Study For Your Real Estate Test


我们的加州软件包提供适合您的学习风格的格式, 你的日程安排, 你的学习偏好.

即使您选择的是自定步调的软件包, you’ll still have access to lots of live support and our experienced instructors who can help you if you have questions or need more guidance.

此外,Allied公司提供 加州房地产考试准备计划. You can purchase this separately or as a part of your pre-licensing package. The Exam Prep platform was created to help you pass your real estate licensing exam on the first try. And each year, we help tens of thousands of aspiring real estate professionals pass their exams.

包括什么 在考试准备:

  • 考试进展. 十道加州练习题来检验你的知识.
  • 期末考试. Two national and three state final exams to prepare you for your licensing exam. You can view a breakdown of your results by the topics you will encounter on the state licensing exam.
  • 定制的考试. 根据你需要更多帮助的主题创建自己的考试.
  • 数码闪存卡. Create decks of flashcards to review key terms and definitions by topic.